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Older version - please get "it Sings" first for better tracks and pick this up if you want some extras from the first album.

12 happy songs in a minor key of disillusionment from around the world, with love and space


released August 16, 2010

Elena English - guitar, vocals, keys
Jason English - bass, vocals, keys
Chris Smith - drums

Produced by Jason English
Recorded/mixed by David Willingham
in 2010 at The Echo Lab, Argyle TX
Mastered by Carl Saff
All songs by English/English



all rights reserved


it's Native Dallas, Texas

lifelong international minor rock formed by glaciers and polar bears sliding and scratching across a flowery field.

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Track Name: Zoloft Sphere
when illusions die, I feel it in my heart
they fall from they sky
It could be many things, they all come in three
running through time after you and me
no, I don't need your hand
go away don't melt
my snow in your spring

and there somewhere has to be love
but you can't bear the glare
you never dare, and you're so sick of
and this is all I hear inside your zoloft sphere
there somewhere but it's nowhere near
it's outside the tierra of your zoloft sphere
Track Name: Excuse me, can I get some ketchup?
Excuse me, can I have some ketchup?
On a scary taxi ride
There were dogs and bums outside
Tangled wires and trash on fire
I got mustard with my fries
Excuse me, can I get some ketchup?
When are you gonna check on me?
I want a plate of mixed fajitas
Where I come from they have mixed fajitas.

I speak English slow and loud
There’s a mugger in this crowd
And I think I’m getting ill
Find a doctor, get some pills.
Can I get a real pharmacist?
Take two of these, they’ll make you feel better
When I’m sporting for more than 4 hours
Need to hide out in the hotel, no

Everybody speaking in tongues
and I only got this one
Nobody loves me
Things aren’t like they were back home
Track Name: Taking Root
Taking Root
radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes taking root
all the good things in my garden
in my mind taking root
in my garden, in the river, in the world
taking root
Track Name: Methamphibians

It’s hard to fall in love with a reptile
Did you cry, or did you lick your eye?
Or did you catch a fly? Oh, why?

It’s hard to reason with a methamphibian
Always in the ocean
Soaking up the chemicals and pharmaceuticals
Always awake, looking for a break.

I like the lichens
They never complain, they just wait for the rain
Breaking rocks into topsoil
I like the lichens.
Track Name: And Could You?
And could you?
I've smothered all the greyish notions
By splashing colors from the vase
I carved the thick jaws of the ocean
On the plate of bouillabaisse

Beneath the metal fish's armor
I've found love's aspiring root
And you? Could you perform a nocturne
with water in the gutter flute?
Track Name: Delores
Ride the horses to death
to reach the end of the plain
All that ever mattered
has been worshipped and betrayed
Though the walls are crumbling down
we find a place to stay
Shivering in silence, our lives slip away

Shot in the back, pass the bottle around
Just another dried up well in a dead-end town
Shun the river for the lonely trail
I’ll see you in the VIP lounge in hell.

Woke up running, his friends becoming feral ones
Snapping at his shadow underneath a stillborn sun
Cruel cursed temptress, Delores marks the grave
Soul curling up like smoke, her name is all she gave
Track Name: Erase
erase your subconsciousness
delete from your mind
i hate smoking cigarettes
i hate being a pet of a thought I just met
and yet i believe I'll be strong
at least in my mind wake up, step outside
and see when you want to stay blind
so easy, so easy to be inside your fantasy
so many people so many eyes that see but never realize

and then when the day is cold
and then when the wind is strong
wake up, step outside
and see there's no right versus wrong
we are all we can be
today and for the rest of our lives
we learn to swim in the sea
each one of us in our own way
Track Name: This Song is Gonna Be Cool
This song is gonna be cool, if it ever happens
This song is gonna be cool, if it ever goes anywhere
This song’s gonna be huge, depending on your perspective
This song’s gonna be offensive, if you’re easily offended
This song’s gonna be fun, if you’re easily amused
This song’s gonna be strange, if you’re easily confused
With a little bit of tension for good measure
This song’s gonna be really cool
when it evolves into something cool

This song’s gonna be famous, if we die before it comes out
This song’s gonna be successful, if we drive it down to the Walmart
This song’s gonna be cool, if it turns into something cool
Wait for it…
Track Name: The Misinterpreter
I am your misinterpreter
You didn’t ask for me, but you got me anyway
I misinterpret everything you say
Make all your prospects go away

I am the misinterpreter
Licensed by the state
Always inciting you to hate
With weapons of mass distraction

I know how to tell a tale
And turn your own gods against you
To achieve mysterious ends
‘Cause when the conversation stops, I begin

Anything you say can and will be used against you
In the court of public opinion
Coming to you live from the liar’s lair
My stupid minions are legion
Look over there it’s THEM!
Track Name: Notes for Myself
At the start of the day I wrote down something I did anyway
Just some mill for the grist, so I could finish the first thing on this list
Here's a star it means important and a box for things to do
100 habits of successful people like you

I need a coach or a mentor. To ring a bell, blow a whistle.
Where can I find a mentor. Notes for myself.

I ran into this guy at lunch that I was supposed to know
Remember me, we had this meeting, people were eating,
it was fleeting. Well I said I'm not good with names,
or with faces. He said "so you're basically an asshole?" I guess so.
Now please reintroduce yourself, I got my pen out.
So please reintroduce yourself. Notes for myself.

At the end of the day as the shadows fade, the windows all become mirrors.
Who’s to say that memory is a measure
of intelligence.
Well I read somewhere, that every cell in your
brain gets replaced every couple years.
So these notes are from the guy I used to be.
What was I doing here, uncluttered interior, who left these notes in here. Notes for myself.
Track Name: Corporate Song
display all text in supercaps
and don't use red colors
I ate a tomato and did not collapse,
but red is a dangerous color

I've waited all these years
to tell you about this thing
can this be done by EOM?
I understand you'll need a time machine
make sure and use more supercaps
just make these letters bigger
remove all spaces and all blank gaps
can you deliver quicker??

I need a professional look and feel
I need more blue and gray
Make it just like facebook and myspace
Can you upload it today?
Display all content at the top of the page
visitors never scroll
push live the deliverables of this stage
Prepare for launch!.. 3, 2, 1, GO!
make sure and get more feedback engaged
to streamline sustained frustration
make sure call-to-action fills up the page
and use more corporate coloration